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IHEALTH 30 Gauge Lancets, 50 Count

Medical And Supplements

Price: $9.60

  • Reduce Pain: The outer diameter of iHealth 30G lancets is only 0.31mm. It makes the wound smaller, reduce pain and faster healing. For diabetics collecting blood samples 6-7 times a day, the painless testing is much better than 28G lancets.
  • Tri-Beveled Tip: The iHealth lancets triple sharpened needless, minimizes skin trauma and discomfort. The steel for the lancets is also the high-quality surgical steel.
  • Universal Design: These lancets compatible for most standard lancing devices in the market.
  • Sterile and Hygienic: Using ionizing irradiation to sterilize the lancet tip with better sterilizing effect in production process. Disposable design prevents cross-infection, just healthy and hygienic.